The Sisters and Brothers Project

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The Sisters and Brothers project is working with children aged 8-12yrs to build empathy towards those who experience discrimination; emphasize commonality and diversity; and promote dialogue around diversity, race-based discrimination and its harms, through an innovative music program.

At the heart of the Sisters and Brothers project is the age-old power of music and mass singing. The project is taking place in four LGAs in the Western Region of Melbourne; Melton, Wyndham, Brimbank and Maribyrnong. Nine schools from the across  four municipalities are taking part in a series of workshops led by the following lead artists: South African musician, songwriter, singer and storyteller Valanga Khoza, Choir director, singer, songwriter Andrea Khoza, and Hip Hop artist Mary Quinsacara. Culturally and linguistically diverse emerging artists from MASSIVE hip hop choir are working alongside the artistic team in the participating schools. The Sisters and Brothers workshop process explores storytelling, collaborative song-writing, musical rhythms from diverse cultural traditions, and role-play.

Sisters and Brothers project is funded by VicHealth and the R.E. Ross Trust

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