Sisters and Brothers: High Schools on the radar, a short film and the Vichealth Awards


This year the Sisters and Brothers team have been super busy not only doing workshops in primary schools but also providing their first ever taster sessions at 3 high schools in the West.

The team are all looking forward to engaging with some young people from the schools they have attended so far, and are excited to see more sessions continue with high schools as well as primary schools.


The Sisters and Brothers team are also back at Dinjerra Primary school this term and this time they are working towards producing a short film. The film will be led by film directors Ez Eldin Deng and Mark Hallinger aimed at presenting the harms of race-based discrimination and how to safely step into a situation. It will showcase a stream of scenarios acted by some of the grade 5 and 6 students from Dinjerra.

We are all excited to see all of this unfold, it has been very rewarding because all the hard work seems to be paying off, since the program has been nominated as a finalist at the VicHealth Awards for the 2nd year in a row.

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