Benchmark is a unique program of cultural outreach to African community members who use Maddern Square in Footscray as a gathering place. Artists Motley, Rudy V and SK Simeon work alongside arts gen staff and outreach workers from YSAS and cohealth to offer opportunities to make and perform music in public space. The sessions combine song-writing and  freestyling around issues that are important to this community. Benchmark also offers a more intensive program at arts gen for community members ready to record their original material. Currently the Benchmark program is working towards local performances  that will feature the material created by participants in the program, local emcees and vocalists.

Directed by Izzy Films Cohealth arts generator presents
‘See What I’ve Seen’ featuring Terbizzy Terbz, R&B, Alfred M Mashok and Panomax. The journey to make this song speaks to the hardships and obstacles that need to be overcome to realise that every dream is achievable.

One Day by the Benchmark crew and featuring Rudy V and SK Simeon produced by Project NRT. Recorded Mixed and Mastered by Joe Motley. Video by Izzy films.This track made at cohealth arts generator is about the collective imagination of a group of young African Australians to create a better future for their communities.

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