Stand up! Sisters and Brothers in Geelong

This performance by Geelong people with Massive Hip Hop Choir and Andrea Khoza from Cohealth arts generator is about the kind of community we want in Geelong and the kind of Australia we want to be part of; free from the harms of race based discrimination. We’re diverse, proud and successful. Share! And spread the word. Stand Up! Sisters and Brothers in Geelong is a project of Barkly Arts Centre in partnership with VicHealth, City of Greater Geelong, GPAC, Diversitat, and  Artistic Merit and presented as part of Geelong After Dark and M~M2014

Thanks to the singers from Geelong  Community, Schools and Diversitat, you’re awesome!

If you want to find out more about great projects check out Arts For Health


If you would like to get check out the songs we worked on with school and choir communities in Geelong as part of M~M 2014 please head here.


2 responses to “Stand up! Sisters and Brothers in Geelong

  1. Hi I think you now me I am from Hamlyn banks ps and I would like to say that your the best hip hop singing group that I have ever meet just to let you know that I can not wait until the performance what we do and my name is Alana joy suitor take care because you all have a wonderful voice and I wish that I was that good as we’ll ps your the best

    • Hi Alana, thanks for you comments, it means a lot to hear that! Whatever you do keep practicing and singing and performing if that’s what you love doing. You will only get better! Take care. The Sisters and Brothers Crew

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